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Refine your techniques and give you an extra power

Deep knowledge about yourself and a total power to drive in total speed on the pleasure’s highway.

With the Shakti Extreme Pack, you’ll be able to be in control of your own pleasure and empowered to explore new levels of intimacy and connection in a very short time. Plus, you’ll get free forever and never from feeling insecure, low self-esteem, or unworthiness deep down inside in matter of days of practice.

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The Shakti Extreme Pack is compound by six sensitive themes observed as fundamentals to new levels of pleasure and intimacy:

All the secrets of the body

Learn how to master where and how you should play to cause unique and intense sensations

Volcano orgasm

The orgasm itself is already good, almost like a victory in life, but the tantric one is even more powerful, and you will master how to get it in yourself and in your partner

The “Hot Buttons” Map

A guide of sensitive touch and erogenous zones of the body, providing you with the real map of pleasure

Master in Female Seduction

Learn persuasive techniques to make any man be interested in you and awaken their most secret desires

Position of Connection and Sensuality

Have you ever heard of Kama Sutra? Now you can learn the very best positions to have pleasure and how they works

Intense massage

A quick access guide to make your massage way more pleasurable and give much more intense results

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